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The place for focused discussions surrounding Onomy Protocol’s validator community. Introduce yourself, ask questions, get help, offer feedback, and network with other validators.

Onomy Exchange

The Onomy Exchange DEX utilizes a hybrid model that employs both order book and AMM functionalities. This unlocks additional functions, once reserved only to traditional centralized exchanges, of which we include stop-loss orders, limit orders, and advanced charting.

Onomy Network

The Onomy Reserve (ORES) and Onomy Exchange (ONEX) are powered by the Onomy Network (ONET), a Cosmos Tendermint-based chain which is used for processing transactions — thus, value transfers are conducted quickly, securely, and perhaps most importantly, irreversibly.

Onomy Access

Onomy Access is the protocol’s cross-chain wallet, allowing for storing, sending, and receiving NOM, Denoms, and other cryptocurrencies.

Onomy Reserve

The Onomy Reserve (ORES) governs the minting of stablecoin Denoms by locking NOM as collateral.