Airdrop to stakers

Like other big protocols… Onomy should also do airdrop to early supporters who staked their NOM Tokens


Hello. Can you tell us more about this?

Hi @simar233! Remember that Onomy’s treasury isn’t controlled by the founding team nor a foundation. Rather, it sits in a DAO-governed wallet and enables any community member to submit proposals on the usage of its NOM. Thus, airdrops are doable via a DAO vote - so if you have any proposal on how the DAO should spend the tokens and the mechanics of the airdrop - feel free to submit it here for deeper discussion on its execution.

As a validator, we’re happy to cast our vote to support well-thought out proposals, but it will need more buy-in than just us! Starting a thread here is a good start, and if you wish to expand on it I am sure other community members will chime in.

Knowingly, there’s been ongoing community-managed rewards via Crew3/Zealy tasks, allowing engaged ecosystem users to rank up the community-developed Nomad ranking system to earn NOM. You can check it out here: