OIP-15: Proposal for a Stakecito Validator Loan from Onomy DAO

Dear Onomy Community,

My name is Winfred, and I’m with Stakecito, a team committed to securing networks and educating community members within the Cosmos ecosystem. Our experience spans across more than 40 networks within Cosmos and beyond, and today, we’re proposing to join the Onomy Validator Guild.

Proposal Overview

Acknowledging Onomy’s high standards for validators, we originally proposed a grant to facilitate our integration. However, after engaging with the community and considering your feedback, we are revising our request to a loan structure. This pivot reflects our commitment to a long-term partnership and the evolving needs of both our org as well as the Onomy ecosystem.

Proposal Details

We request a loan of 225,000 NOM tokens from the DAO treasury to establish a validator node. This loan, mirroring the self-delegation requirement of 225,000 NOM, demonstrates our dedication to Onomy’s security and governance, alongside a commitment to educational outreach.

Key commitments remain unchanged but there is a need to emphasize that educational content will need to be flexible.

Validator Contributions:

  1. Network Security and Performance: Providing dependable validation services for Onomy’s mainnet and testnet to ensure network robustness.

  2. Infrastructure Support: Supplying additional network infrastructure via reliable RPC and seed nodes.

  3. Governance Participation: Taking an active role in governance proposals and discussions to represent the community’s voice and contribute to Onomy’s strategic direction.

Educational Outreach:

Given the nature of this proposal as a loan, our educational initiatives are designed to be adaptable, responding to the evolving needs of the Onomy community. Below are potential activities we might undertake:

  1. Onboarding and Tutorials: Developing educational guides to simplify the onboarding process for new Onomy users, ensuring a smooth entry into the ecosystem.

  2. Content Production: Crafting detailed content and visual materials to clarify complex topics and promote informed community engagement.

  3. Online Events and Collaborations: Organizing events to foster a deeper understanding of Onomy’s functionalities and its position within the DeFi space.

  4. Strategic Partnerships: Highlighting collaborations that enhance Onomy’s go-to-market strategies, with a particular focus on integrating marquee partners within the ONEX network and other consumer chains.

  • First instance of a loan structure: This marks the first instance within the Onomy community where a validator opts for a loan instead of a grant. The loan will have no interest and is repayable if Stakecito discontinues its validator operations on the Onomy network.

  • We thus are heavily relying on community support through delegations: As a result, the success of this proposal and the effectiveness of our contributions heavily rely on community support (which is fitting given we are a community validator!).

We are encouraged by the pledges from community members to delegate their NOM to our validator, and invite more community members to consider delegating to us.

Open Dialogue

We invite further dialogue with to refine this proposal before taking it onchain :slight_smile:

Thank you for considering our proposal.


The Stakecito Team


hey nice one, glad to see it happening. i support it, we need more exposure in cosmos and cryptocito is defo the way to go. great content and excited to see it go live soon. any eta on this? how long before vote?


Will vote in favour! but i think this should be it in terms of sponsoring validators bonds no? nice proposal!


Hey! Appreciate the kind feedback. We figure we should let it marinate a couple days at least, gauge sentiment, before going on-chain… but… soonTM :smiley:


Really appreciate the support!

Re: validator bond, that’s the goal! All the add-ons are to really emphasize our intention to become as aligned as possible with the Onomy network :slight_smile:


Since Onomy is on a path to create interconnected innovative products to create IFS, educational activities from Stakecito are a great idea and I will support it. We really lack an educational link between Onomy and future nomads to unlock the potential of all the products Onomy creates. Glad to see you on board :wink:


Wow! Thanks Winfred - I actually remember suggesting this in the social channels on a wim some time ago so super excited to see this prop come to reality and fully support it :sweat_smile: big fan of cryptocito and all the team does for cosmos adoption !


I like their marketing. If Stakecito plans to invest / re-invest resources then it is a win-win situation.


Thanks for your proposal, I just wanted to clarify something prior to commenting. Are you requesting for the 250K NOM to be delegated to your validator (but the tokens still remain property of the Onomy DAO) or is it a grant request for 250K NOM?


Wooo! Fully in support of this guys. Truly looking forward to seeing the strategic value add of the validaotrs that we have votedto onboard into the set. but stakecito is definitely the one i am most excited about.


Oh man, I’m all in on this! Seriously, seeing Stakecito’s plan just gets me pumped. Their vision for not just being another validator but actually contributing in a big way? That’s what we need. Out of all the validators we’re considering, Stakecito’s the one I’m rooting for the most. Can’t wait to see the impact they’ll make. Let’s get them on board!


would LOVE to see more onomy content in cosmos eco and an onomy presence at cosmosverse etc. yessir for me.


stakecito’s proposal is solid. theyre bringing significant experience and a clear commitment to both network security and community education. Comparing them with other candidates, it’s evident they have a structured approach to contribution, especially with their plan for a long-term bond and educational initiatives. Objectively, their integration into the validator set seems like it could bring considerable value. Worth keeping an eye on how this develops.


this is very good news, I think everyone is just for becoming a part of the family of Nomads.


trust the stakecito team knows how to support networks they validate on and will make us whole with their commitment. approved here.


Stakesito is probably one of the most active members of the Cosmos ecosystem! It’s a great idea to have him support this project!


Hey @Wombat, it basically would need to be a grant because these tokens would need to be in our ownership in order to bootstrap the node (NOM has this as a requirement to be able to run a node).

Fwiw, these tokens would be in our self bond so we couldn’t cash out or anything. We can edit the prop to include a clause that states that if we shut down our node in less than 12 months, we would be required to return the self-bond. Also open to hearing other suggestions if they exist :slight_smile:


Really encouraged (and humbled) by all the positive feedback! We just might take this onchain sooner than later! Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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hey how can i actually vote? i support but idk where the proposal is onchain. can u pls guide me winfred?

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Hey! Thank you for the support! There’s actually no proposal to vote on just yet. I’ll keep you posted for when it goes on-chain, with voting steps :slight_smile: