OIP-7 Filipe’s Video Content Proposal - Let’s Get Onomy Viral on TikTok, YouTube and Reels!

Hello Nomads,

I am Filipe - you might know me as the Launch DJ, who was here to entertain you all with the launch of the Bonding Curve and first exchange listings for NOM. I’m also proficient in video creation and would love to dedicate more time to Onomy’s mission.

I would like to put forth the following proposal for community discussion, then for on-chain voting.


Nothing converts better than short videos in 2023.

Based on experience, I figured that the most efficient way for us to approach the short video format is to differ from anything the competitors ever tried and come up with an official mascot. I believe my proposal has insanely viral potential as it’s visually appealing for starters, then its memeish personality will disrupt socials and make people interact with it. The use cases are huge, even as its own brand, and I believe this is a complete sandbox via which any Web3-related idea can be visualized, while always pointing to Onomy.

I have prepared an intro for the mascot and I invite you to have a look at it. Let’s welcome Nom Nom - literally a sock with two eyes on it that can talk about anything to anyone!

Video Suggestions

I’ve also decided to give it life ahead of the governance vote, so I created a few videos with it:

The mascot is virtually able to communicate on any subject - from Onomy’s vision, products, and fundamentals, to general memes about the market, and making fun of trends. It won’t all be just fun and games - I think we have a pretty solid character to talk about just anything, with a light and loose approach. Hope you guys love it as much as I do!

The videos will not be strictly limited to the mascot - but instead, we can publish many of the funny TikTok templates for the Onomy TikTok too, that get a ton of engagement as well, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 and connecting to a less crypto-savvy audience whose quality of life will improve by using Onomy’s products and becoming NOM holders.

On request from DAO contributors, I can also use the budget to create GIFs and other types of videos.


The NomNom videos will mainly be published on TikTok on its own account, whereas other videos will be published on Onomy’s own TikTok account, where it has a strong following but not enough published content. The short video format is great given people’s limited attention spans, and it can also be reshared by other contributors and community members on Onomy’s Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and other relevant social channels.

Funding Ask

10,000 NOM - to be used via the following model:

  • Correspondent of $50 can be withdrawn after each video is done.
  • $5 per each extra 5K views (backed by engagement) can be withdrawn per video, up to a max of $300 per video.

At current $NOM price, this initiative would result in 100+ videos assuming each gets around 10-20K views.

I am aiming to publish between 6-10 high-quality, funny, and engaging videos every month until the budget runs out.

I’m excited to hear your thoughts! Let’s get Onomy on TikTok and all other short-form video sharing platforms like YouTube and Instagram Reels!


Long time coming! Super excited to see this in motion and get the party started! Voting yes on my side! :mirror_ball: :tada:


It is a great idea, the project needs publicity. I will always agree with these proposals.


I love the idea of invest in marketing, but not so fond of the mascot design :sweat_smile:
One question, the proposal says that the payment is going to be in $, so the value in NOMs of each withdrawal would depends on the coin value on an exchange? the BCO?

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Marketing is essential, it has my vote.


No this marketing, we are a serious project. For me is NO.

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Estoy de acuerdo en que es fundamental el marketing para dar a conocer el proyecto pero creo que esta no es manera para ello. Parece un Meme y creo que el Marketing que deberíamos de tener es con personas mas influyentes. Aunque valga mas dinero. Mi voto es NO

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Agree with you. I also think that the project needs more business marketing in the first place, as the project creates serious products, such as connecting Forex with DeFi. After Onomy becomes a popular and significant project, then it will be possible to introduce a meme direction.

Nevertheless, I like the efforts of the author and his commitment to the project. And the budget of 10000NOM is not too big, so you can consider the author’s idea as a pilot project to promote Onomy. But I still believe that we should first of all focus on business marketing, aimed at reputation, seriousness and significance.


Great Proposal - what i see alot of in DeFi communities is an element of fun and energy, communities start with a Nick name and seem to grow in this with memes around that Nick name to unify the community and try to make it more welcoming and accessible than the Trad-fi app models - ( I’m an anon meme so I’m likely bias somewhat to this )
Seems very reasonable as a pilot marketing initiative to use as a data point for a broader marketing plan in the future. YES


iI think product marketing is absolutely essential. but not by burning money for display ads in views. Look for the KOLs in the crypto industry that will be most effective, they are influential, knowledgeable and have the most active customer support in the crypto industry. Separately with the offer to spend NOM to make your short clip I object. don’t waste DAO’s NOM testing vague stuff like that.

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The videos are cool, but they do not reveal the essence of the project, what is its mission and what the project wants to give to the community! Yes, and the talisman is no good!

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Well the algorithm pushes short content to be popular, shorts, reels, tiktok. So we should go for it more :+1: :+1: :+1:

Maybe if you have a concert at a festival or something, maybe onomy can sponsor you. THAT would make onomy viral😉
Regardless i would like for this proposal to be put up for a vote.

The idea is nice, but the quality of the content needs to be improved quite a lot

While the short content is popular, i think creative videos and especially memes (not low effort) will be the most effective.

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I think more pushing towards forex (continuing from the bank one) should be the way to go. Like
Onomy: “the first crypto forex exchange, because banks waste your money and exchange houses steal you”

Anyhow I’ll vote yes on this proposal and the rest of them

Honestly, I’ve been around since 2017 and one thing I learned the hard way was to not trust KOLs. I understand your perspective, if this doesn’t move forward it’s totally fine, but don’t expect old methods to be effective in a new world, and one thing I would like to point out is that I’m thinking beyond crypto and its niche, isn’t that the purpose after all? Cheers

Can you expand on this? The feedback is somewhat vague. Cheers

Thank you for the feedback! Cheers

Someone who sees it clear as water, thank you! I’m not aiming to replace certain standard marketing strategies, I’m offering something extra to those efforts.