OIP-9: HAVEN - A New Web3 Social Experience; Onomy's First App-Chain


With Onomy’s launch of Replicated Security, DAO contributors have opened the floodgates to new applications that ecosystem developers can deploy into Onomy as their own sovereign consumer app-chain secured by the Onomy Network!

We believe that social and identity are core components to Onomy’s Internet Financial System (IFS). To this end, we are excited to announce an app-chain named HAVEN - A New Web3 Social Experience.

Haven is the missing link between social and native chain-level data, redefining how users connect and collaborate in the digital age by contextualizing on chain data into profiles, leaderboards, communities, research and more. Together, Haven is poised to become an incentivized on-chain Reddit - starting from the Onomy Network.


Today’s Web3 social platforms are carbon copies of traditional Web2 social media with a token thrown into the mix, generally used for tips and fees.

This web2 copy + token model has failed to capture the imagination and adoption of users worldwide, with most attempts being far from dethroning or even joining the incumbents.

On the other hand, popular Web3 social ventures work from an infrastructure-first approach, more so built for developers to utilize. Social graphs are great, but as back-end infrastructure, not as core consumer products. Moreover, existing web3 social consumer products lack social features that accelerate content discovery and connection, nor a way for people to truly grow or attract users from web2 counterparts.

With Haven, there’s a product-first approach that starts with the needs and wants of users.

Let’s dive into the thesis!

Haven’s Thesis

Whilst Web3 has tremendous cultural focus, crypto communities are economic by default. Haven’s core goal is to inspire collaboration, turning the web3 social landscape into a socioeconomic one. While crypto Twitter (or X) is great, it isn’t socially collaborative toward goals. It’s more of a media consumption platform. Haven makes crypto social by connecting people with similar interests who wouldn’t have otherwise been connected, and in return, enabling collective research, trading, collaboration, and more.


Similar to Reddit and the r/subreddit model, users can create communities that are named Havens. The creation of a Haven is via minting an NFT that gives the owner special rights and privileges over their Haven, such as monetization.

Havens are ranked by their Economy, which is the total transfer value activity inclusive of tips, subscriptions, copy-trading strategy revenue, yield revenue, and other features.

Havens may also aggregate posts from other Havens by becoming a subhaven. For example, if a Haven is created for Cosmos or Ethereum, then projects within those ecosystems that have their own Haven can have their posts aggregated to the respective Cosmos or Ethereum Haven.

The ultimate idea here is that Haven enables the creation of net-new actions by users creatively expressing ways to leverage their Haven and its features for any topic of interest.

Contextualizing on-chain data

Haven contextualizes on-chain & off-chain data to tell stories that build your web3 reputation. Everything starts with verifiable credibility. In essence, users start by connecting their web3 wallets, with Haven’s crawler instantly turning one’s on-chain activity into a user profile. This enables users to build merit and credibility on an address that builds historical value - and enables privacy seekers to only connect addresses from any integrated chain they wish to tie with their Haven identity.

Consumer stickiness

Web3 social can be highly authentic. On-chain identity coupled with the financial skin in the game and on-chain reputation fosters genuine connection and collaboration.

Those who become Haven power users are incentivised to build tooling, extensions, communities, and projects on top of Haven through status, Kudos earnings, and DAO funding/grants.

Value will be placed in contributors’ hands who’ll have ownership over the ecosystem. The Haven DAO requests proposals from community members that may be funded by the DAO for any additional tooling, extensions, communities, and products leveraging the data set collected and analyzed from Haven’s user base, as well as additional on-chain information and context fed into it not by users who’ve linked their own addresses, but intentionally via API or when training the algo.

This way, there’s always new value to be discovered/built by Haven’s community who are now grant recipients from the DAO and future revenue earners via the products they build if their ideas have product market fit. Contributors may also generate their own Haven and build the Economy via high quality posting and growth of their own Haven community, thereby earning sustainable revenue through their own actions and growing value of their Haven NFT and all of Haven collectively.

You earn more by staying on Haven long-term than doing a quick token speculation. if you invest energy in contributing, linking, contextualizing, and curating, you get to find your people and take significant steps in fostering real, meaningful connections on the web.

The more Kudos volume you move, the more reputable/known/well-regarded you are, hence the more exciting projects you’re now able to do. With a good Haven score, you never start an initiative from zero. Your network is already here, and expanding is a breeze given your great reputation. Networking is essential in web3. Haven is the place to do it on-chain.

Haven App Design (Desktop vs Mobile)

While the MVP is likely to be a desktop version that will be iterated on to become a production desktop version, founding contributors believe in a mobile app focus over time. Haven is intended to be available on iOS, Android, and desktop, so that users anywhere can access a buzzing, financial internet even while they’re on their phones.

Once you’re through the gates, opportunity awaits.

Potential Use Cases

Are you a trader?

  • You now know whether your favorite influencer bragging about consistently picking 100x coins is telling the truth. You also know whether they use you as exit liquidity.
  • With an AI integration, Haven users may parse the blockchain multiverse and find addresses that consistently turn a profit, whether they’re flipping meme coins on Base, arbitraging Arbitrum, trading the Onomy Exchange, or swapping IBC coins on Osmosis.
    • Note: Open invite to any AI devs or projects to collaborate with Haven.
  • With a copy trading integration, you can join social trading pools led by profitable traders, whilst having full transparency of on-chain and off-chain capital movements.
  • You can utilize Haven as an all-inclusive front-end for DeFi. Think Osmosis LPs, Sommelier vaults, or consolidated Uniswap trades to capture more data and connect with like-minded individuals with skin-in-the-game.
  • You can track stablecoin emissions in a single dashboard so you know when to expect new liquidity.
  • You can, of course, also see pending limit orders on both centralized and decentralized exchanges so you can identify buy & sell walls.

Are you a researcher?

  • You can now see TVL trends on your favorite ecosystem, and discuss whether it’s organic or yet another psy-op.
  • You can track GitHub contributions to instantly know where devs are building.
  • You can observe capital being rotated between different verticals so you’re not the last one standing when the musical chair choir sits.
  • You can reward others who do your research for you, yet instantly verify whether it’s accurate.
  • You can track the newest NFT collections and see when the whales start bidding. Or selling.
  • You can track bridge movements and get accurate, up-to-date statistics on what’s being bridged.
  • You can track ‘doxxed’ whale/VC addresses to see which liquid tokens are the hottest.
  • You can leverage Haven as your early warning alert system to track suspicious activity.

Are you an enthusiast who’s in it for the tech?

  • You can connect with like-minded peeps who track the newest advancements in decentralization, security, scalability, side-chains, privacy, ML, AI, and whatever floats your boat.
  • You can also peek behind the curtain and see what the non-crypto natives who’re in it for the tech are interested in. AI overlords? Drones? Clean energy? Bionic cats? No problem.

Are you a builder or professional?

  • You can see and comment on what other builders are working on via Haven’s GitHub integration
  • You can connect with other builders trying to solve similar problems.
  • You can track what venture firms are currently investing in and connect with their partners to strike up convos.
  • You can find your techy co-founder while you focus on the BD, fundraising, and marketing.
  • You can see what other designers/BD-ers/marketers/developers are working on.
  • You can leverage verifiable credibility to showcase your portfolio and find new work opportunities.

Are you passionate about certain communities?

  • You can discover new communities beyond crypto. Coffee? Cigars? Lucid dreaming? Cars that go 300+ mph? Haven’s got your back.
  • You can start and run brand new communities, producing content, moderating, and monetizing your Haven.
  • You can split your Haven NFTs to profit-share with those who help co-host your Haven community, or you can outright sell it. Doesn’t matter. Each Haven community is an NFT and is yours to do with as you please.
  • You can buy communities, improve them, and turn them into buzzing pockets of interest.
  • You can easily discover new communities you didn’t even know you were interested in thanks to Haven’s content contextualization tools.

Haven Products

1. Advanced verifiable credibility

Delivering crystal clear, data-backed insights into the achievements and expertise of users, all through on-chain and off-chain metrics. As Haven’s social graph, verifiable credibility plays a key role across Haven’s products, enabling trust, informed decisions, quality content, networking, and more.

Here’s an example: you brag about your size on Twitter, or claim you’ve brought your community 50 100xs; There’s no proof. To prove, one would have to spend hours researching your Twitter and activity. Then they’d have to convince someone to listen/care that you’re a fraud; lots of effort, minimal impact. With Haven, if someone claims they’ve longed $BTC at 25K with 10x leverage for a $10M position size, you know they did it. If someone claims they constantly flip NFTs for 50%+ profits and pick moonshots, they’re telling the truth.

On-chain data is there to give context to claims, and verifiable data for your actions.

Advanced verifiable credibility provides differentiated social profiles that fully leverage web3 capability.

2. Multi-chain social trading solution

Join social trading vaults across multiple chains. Vaults are transparently managed by known traders with a solid track record of turning a profit regardless of market conditions. Communities may also flock to DeFi vaults, liquidity pools, staking pools, and more.

3. Project-specific Havens

Each Haven is an NFT-based community centered around a key topic, be it TA, up-and-coming ecosystems, exciting verticals, philosophy, politics, animals, and anything else. The NFT model enables monetization, revenue sharing, and auctions whilst encouraging quality content.

4. Leaderboards and Rankings

Verifiable credibility displays your on-chain and off-chain credentials, whilst additional tools empower you to build your Haven persona, list achievements, and more to build credibility across the social graph. Actions, defined by the Haven DAO, contribute to a leaderboard ranking score.

5. Research platform

Haven may leverage algos to create new opportunities to translate and interpret on-chain and off-chain data, leading to more efficient and effective research efforts. Researchers can even create their own token-gated dashboards.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Embedded across the app, Haven’s AI processing coupled with a Large Language Model, would enable you to ask questions, discover new opportunities, and connect with awesome communities. Content curation, suggested projects, positions, and notifications of significant on-chain activities can seamlessly be delivered via the Haven AI.


As the native coin of Haven, $KUDOS may be used for:

  • Content tips & subscriptions
  • Burning 20% of revenue
  • Unlocking premium features for tier holders
  • Staking
  • DAO-governance, including management of the on-chain treasury
  • Transaction fees
  • $NOM holders that stake their NOM are rewarded with 50% of Kudos Staking Rewards through Replicated Security from Onomy’s network.

Supply breakdown:

Distribution KUDOS Supply % of Supply
Private Sale 2,000,000,000 20%
Team 1,500,000,000 15%
Ecosystem 1,000,000,000 10%
Public Distribution 500,000,000 5%
DAO Treasury Reserve 5,000,000,000 50%
TOTAL 10,000,000,000.00 100%

Private Sale: Reserve for any future fundraise.

Team: Reserve for initial founding team of Haven DAO contributors.

Ecosystem: Reserved for potential incentives partners, market makers, exchanges, airdrops, etc.

Public Distribution: Launchpools, launchpads, airdrops, or other forms of public distribution.

DAO Treasury Reserve: Half of the supply is immediately attributed to all token holders with no central team or foundation holding the keys. This ensures no central management of the treasury with all funding decisions needing to pass through DAO governance.

Development Roadmap

  1. WE ARE HERE → Finalize and launch the Haven testnet.
  2. Introduce NFT ownership structures for Haven communities.
  3. Develop MVP Desktop Front-end
  4. ONGOING → Develop concept mobile app designs
  5. Roll out the professional customizable profiles module.
  6. Commence integration of multi-chain social trading and vault solutions.
  7. Deploy AI-driven content curation and suggestions.

Note: If any of the above objectives are of interest to you as a contributor, then please signal the intention to join the contributing team on this forum or in Haven social channels.

DAO Treasury Request

To begin the Haven vision, we are seeking a $100K grant in $NOM tokens from the DAO treasury. This will be utilized for development, community initiatives, marketing, and incentivizing contributions.

Join the Haven Movement

We are on the lookout for passionate developers, creative designers, and strategic marketers to join our mission. A dedicated allocation from our DAO Treasury grant will be set aside to reward those who help shape Haven’s vision.

Launchpad Sale Intent

Haven signals its intention to launch a sale on the NOM-powered launchpad, further details of which will be shared in due course and a request for comment by the community is hereby made as the launchpad OIP is in progress.

Airdrop Intent

Haven signals its intention to provide an airdrop to NOM holders and relevant communities as the DAO decides.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post shall constitute or be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase any securities. Nothing in this post shall be construed as investment advice, strategy, or investment recommendations by the Haven DAO or any of its contributors and their affiliates. This post is for informational purposes only.


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So onomy is getting on social media of blockchains. oh my, is it like reddit?:slight_smile: anyway, another proposal that imma vote yes
And first app on chain too!

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Big NO. Why?

Who is the team working on this project? People can just write a proposal and leech 100k$. There isn’t even a website. Whitepaper? Pitchdeck?

What about a vesting for $NOM for deliveries?


Looks interesting. Finally we can see some utilities coming to life, this only can improve from here.
But like its stated in a comment before, we have little information about Heaven. Their twitter is new, the discord link from twitter is not working (the provided in Onomy’s telegram do work). Looking forward to a better and improved project info, before going ahead

Haven Looks cool for $NOM holders in general as we earn rewards if we are staking and via airdrops etc, it’s certainly a much needed technology if it can get traction and users : ) I look forward to supporting the Onomy eco- system over the long haul🚀 haven will bootstrap our app chain model and our launch pad infrastructure to show others the way!