Rewarding Early Nom holders

As we all know, very soon there will be a vote to bring Nom’s inflation up to Cosmos standards. In this article, I propose a waste award for those of us who are already exposed to inflation. I suggest that the community, which is under the pressure of inflation, be given the advantage of having an early Nom as a memory of these days. The reward I’m talking about can be any reward on Onex or a unique nft or a token to be launched on Onex as a reward to Nom holders.
I wrote this article to increase the commitment of the early participants to the project and to create a loyal audience.
Please give your opinion. Sorry if I have any wrong language use, English is not my native language.


Sorry, what are the costs? On the contrary, the early adopters received a large reward due to hyperinflation, in fact this can be seen as a reward for the early adopters.

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When will the nft be created for the early adopters?
What the criteria for determining early adopters?