OIP-13: Sponsor Strangelove as a Validator & Onomy DAO Contributor

OIP-13: Sponsor Strangelove as a Validator & Onomy DAO Contributor


This proposal aims to engage Strangelove as an active validator on the Onomy blockchain. Unlike most Cosmos blockchains, where the barrier to become a validator is minimal, Onomy requires a self-delegation of 225,000 NOM (approximately $60,000 USD) to maintain a high standard of commitment and security. This proposal outlines a community-sponsored approach to facilitate Strangelove’s entry as a validator, bringing enhanced security and technical expertise to our network.


Onomy operates with a selective validator process, requiring a self bond of 225K NOM for validator initiation, significantly higher than the nominal amount commonly seen in other Cosmos ecosystems. Strangelove is a professional validator with a history of providing advisory roles in various blockchain projects, including Onomy. However, the high self-delegation requirement has been a barrier to Strangelove’s active participation.


Given Strangelove’s expertise and existing relationship with the Onomy network, we propose the following:

  • Community Treasury Sponsorship: The Onomy community treasury will sponsor Strangelove with 225K NOM. This sponsorship is not a loan but a flexible payment for services provided.

  • Services Rendered: Over a 12-month period, Strangelove will:

    • Secure the Onomy blockchain.
    • Provide technical support and troubleshooting.
    • Assist in diagnosing and resolving Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) issues.
    • Setting up IBC paths for validators to run relayers on for both ICS chains (consumer <> provider) and outside chains.
    • Contribute to writing interchain test cases for upcoming Onomy upgrades.
  • Terms of Engagement:

    • The 225K NOM payment will serve as Strangelove’s self-delegation requirement.
    • The sponsorship is a one-time payment, non-refundable, and exclusive to the services mentioned.
    • After 12 months, Strangelove retains the option to continue or cease their validator role.

Value Addition

Strangelove’s involvement promises significant benefits to the Onomy network, including:

  • Enhanced security through experienced validator management.
  • Improved technical stability and troubleshooting response.
  • Progressive development in Onomy’s IBC capabilities.
  • Valuable insights and guidance for smooth and well-tested upgrades and network enhancements.


This proposal seeks approval from Onomy stakeholders to sponsor Strangelove as a validator. Strangelove’s expertise and services will contribute substantially to the network’s security, technical robustness, and overall growth. The community’s support in this initiative will mark a significant step towards strengthening our ecosystem.


We invite all Onomy stakeholders to discuss this proposal.


Good. IBC is the key hurdle. Too much getting stuck on Osmosis <> Onomy. The tech works, but its not finessed enough yet. And Strangelovedo that for a heckton of cosmos chains. Setting up IBC paths creates an opportunity for onomy to reach their full potential and get the whole interconnected flywheel of the Cosmos ecosystem actually spinning.

The bull market is coming so great to have these kinds of movements. Also, Onomy is gonna need tech support during ONEX & ORES launch, and Strangelove are placed to provide it,

so LFG.


yes from me fam its a no brainer i think


Strangelove are a big deal! Having them on board is nice to ensure nomads have a proper footprint in cosmos .

I’m all for having them on board. To be an important chain in Cosmos, Strangelove should be validating us. I just hope they pull their weight in terms of advancing Onomy’s stack.


Us gifting $50K+ to Strangelove to become an Onomy validator is somewhat concerning. Shouldn’t they be excited enough to buy the NOM themselves? This is of course regular practice within the validator community and it’s fair enough that Strangelove - because of the tech support they offer - feel like they need to carrot to get involved. Cos it’s clear that Strangelove will obviously benefit Onomy and onomy will benefit strangelove and both parties will ensure that everything is stable ahead of the big launch in time for the halving/bullrun etc when we’re due to really send it

I really want them to be active if we are letting them get involved in the chain. So although i’m definitely in favour of having them aboard, and am certainly voting yes, I will be keeping a keen eye on exactly the level of commitment they provide.


Thank you for your proposal @danb and Strangelove team! I personally support this proposal as it aligns well with Onomy’s growth objectives. Although, as Onomy’s ecosystem grows on its path to fulfill its vision, I would love to see Strangelove continue well beyond the 12 month mark mentioned.

That said the objectives here are clearly supported by Strangelove:

  1. IBC Expansion and Reliability: Accelerates our ecosystem’s connectivity and liquidity flow.
  2. Interchain Security: Your test contributions will directly boost our upgrades and security for ICS.
  3. Community Synergy: Strangelove has long-standing reputation in Cosmos and has supported Onomy in various ways, joining the validator set will elevate the community involvement.
  4. Ongoing Support & Troubleshooting: Strangelove’s reputation for building essential Cosmos stack tooling and security solutions offers Onomy a competitive edge by having Strangelove directly contribute the use of these tools toward Onomy’s goals.

Of course, I’d just reiterate that we’re not just looking at the now but aiming for a future where Strangelove is a core part of Onomy’s growth. Their track record speaks volumes about alignment with Onomy’s vision and would be an asset to the Onomy Validator Set, deserving of the self-bond.

Excited to support this proposal and welcome Strangelove to the active set!


Nice lets get to 20 think that’s the max amount?


Agree - It’s a great use of our community funds and now is the best time in the cycle to be making these kind of moves, like bringing in experienced and CORE cosmos ecosystem developers for all the tangible reasons outlined, but also for all the synergy and cosmos eco system alignment it will foster and encourage - maybe we should offer a similar deal to stakecito also and some of the other big names to push our validator set closer to 20 and get the broader eco system aligned with Onomy’s mission in 2024 and 2025 and beyond….

would the strangelove validator also support the arc bridge hub? i remember that validators needed to run nodes on all bridged chains

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at current price looks fair to me :slightly_smiling_face: at future price i’m a bit worried but hopefully SL is no paperhand

Hey, good question. My current understanding is that the arc bridge hub is optional right now for vals. The idea behind this proposal is that Strangelove will do 2 things.

1.) Do all the normal validator responsibilities. (vote, perform upgrades…) This is where the arc bridge would come in. If Onomy decides vals need to run the arc bridge, we will!

2.) Offer our strangelove specific services that we are knowledgeable in. (IBC, interchain Test…)

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sick, ty! just making sure as arc is supposed to be a pretty big part of what makes onomy special. given any thought on commission btw? standard 5%?

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np, and yep, the plan is to do the standard 5%.

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