OIP-14: Funding Decentrio for Becoming an Onomy Protocol Validator

OIP-14: Funding Decentrio for Becoming an Onomy Protocol Validator

Hello Nomads,

We are Decentrio, a firm with long-standing members of the Cosmos ecosystem and dedicated engineers. We are seeking funding from the Onomy DAO Treasury to cover the self-bond required to join the Onomy Validator Guild. Our proposal outlines the value-added services and initiatives we will undertake to enhance Onomy and its ecosystem.

Funding Request

We request funding of 250,000 NOM tokens to meet the recommended minimum self-bond requirement for becoming a validator. This funding will not only enable us to participate as a validator but also support our broader initiatives to contribute to the Onomy ecosystem.

Our Value-Added Services

  1. Development of Comprehensive Documentation and Guides:

    • We will create detailed documentation and guides for new validators, node operators, and relayers. This will include step-by-step instructions, best practices, and troubleshooting tips, making it easier for new participants to join and strengthen the Onomy network.
  2. Establishing IBC Paths Between Consumer Chains:

    • We will focus on establishing and maintaining Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) paths between current and future consumer chains within the Onomy ecosystem, like ONEX. This will enhance the interoperability and fluidity of asset transfers, benefiting the entire network.
  3. Creating IBC Paths Between External Chains and Onomy:

    • In addition to consumer chains, we aim to develop IBC paths between external chains and Onomy, like Osmosis.
  4. Indexing Chain Data Solutions for Front-End Interfaces:

    • We will assist in developing robust indexing solutions for chain data, which will improve the efficiency and user experience of front-end interfaces. This is crucial for providing seamless access to network data and enhancing user interaction with the Onomy Protocol.
  5. Assisting Future Development on Arc Bridge Hub:

    • Our team is committed to assisting in the future maintenance of the Arc Bridge Hub.
  6. Technical support for community and incident response:

    • We will assist validators, node operators, and relayers across Onomy’s technical communication channels (on discord) as well as support the Onomy team with coordinating any group efforts like chain upgrade or adding new consumer chains. In addition to that, we will respond to any on-chain incident (chain halt for example), helping to find the solution to fix the problems.

Commitment to High SLA Uptime

Decentrio is dedicated to maintaining very high SLA uptime for our nodes. We understand the importance of network reliability and will implement robust infrastructure and monitoring systems to ensure continuous and stable network participation.


As a prospective validator, Decentrio is not just committed to the technical aspects of validation but also to being an active, contributing member of the Onomy ecosystem. We believe that our initiatives will significantly contribute to the growth, security, and efficiency of the Onomy Protocol, aligning with the broader goals of the DAO.

We look forward to your consideration of our proposal and are eager to contribute to the Onomy community.





Decentrio’s engineers have already gone above and beyond by helping to curate Onomy’s technical documentation in preparation for a validator set expansion and communications ahead of mainnet product releases. Adding them as a validator will help to align them with the Onomy community, and their ongoing 24/7 support for incident response, relayer uptime, and technical support in social channels such as Discord will be an invaluable addition to the Onomy ecosystem resiliency - especially with the operation of IBC Relayers.

I support this proposal - although, I would like to know if Decentrio can commit to a minimum time of these services provided to the Onomy DAO as Strangelove did for 12+ months.

Thank you @catshark and the Decentrio team!


We really value this opportunity so we want to pledge ourselves to Onomy by providing these services for more than 12 months.

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wow thats a lot of value add. congrats decentrio and onomy. hope this passes! :heart:


Great news and wholeheartedly support this proposal! Along with Strangelove’s services Onomy Dao should eventually see all technical angles covered as it launches key products in the coming months while strengthening the validator set and decentralization.


With validators, its always the case of more the bettter. So I welcome Decentrio’s getting involved. Especially since they were Notional’s old team, right? Before that all went down and these guys broke away. If Decentrio is on Notional’s path in terms of what they did for Cosmos, then having Onomy be one of the core chains they validate for can only be a good thing. How much actual work are they gonna do im interested. By the sounds of it, they’re ramping up on alot of different work for Onomy. Still, i’m committed to NOM because it’s made all the right plays and I got my tokens at the bottom anyway so i’m in for the long haul. If decentrio are too - that can only be a good thing.


I haven’t heard of these guys before tbh so a bit surprised but they seem lovely. I like the comprehensive offer behind them joining the DAO, i LOVE the work they outlined. Arc Bridge Hub is a core priority that Onomy needs to advance, and them helping in the future would be great.

I think better technical documentation would be good as well to help others along. Also just having on-hand tech support when consumer chains are getting added is important. If we’re gonna try and emulate tradfi, having a helping hand is always good!

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Wowow. I know of Decentrio through their Dymension links and its cool they’re so passionate to join. I think key is establishing hte IBC paths to the other consumer chains. It’s consumer chains working an atomic utility that will actually make blockchain super useful and them enjoying Onomy as a whole can sync up with that activity and fuel it is good.

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