Public Access to Onomy Archive data

Given the growing importance of data accessibility and the need for historical data in various applications, I would like to propose the establishment of an archival server for Onomy Protocol. As of now, there are no publicly accessible archival servers available, which presents a significant gap in data accessibility for the community. Here are a few key reasons why an archival server would be beneficial:

  1. Enhanced Data Accessibility: An archival server would provide seamless access to historical data, facilitating research, development, and analysis for both current and future projects within the ecosystem.
  2. Improved Network Reliability: By maintaining a comprehensive archive of past transactions and states, the network’s reliability and resilience would be significantly bolstered, ensuring that data integrity is maintained over time.
  3. Support for Developers: Developers often require access to historical data for testing and validating new features or debugging existing ones. An archival server would streamline these processes, fostering innovation and development within the community.
  4. Educational and Analytical Purposes: Researchers, analysts, and educators can greatly benefit from having access to a rich repository of historical data, aiding in the advancement of blockchain technology and its applications.
  5. Transparency and Trust: Providing an archival server aligns with the principles of transparency and trust that are foundational to blockchain technology. It allows users to verify the historical accuracy of the blockchain independently.

I understand that hosting an archival server may require additional resources and maintenance efforts. However, I believe that the long-term benefits for the community and the ecosystem outweigh the initial costs and efforts.

I kindly request that you consider this proposal and explore the feasibility of hosting a public archival server for Onomy Protocol.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your response and am willing to host the archival server to support this initiative.

Hello. Can you please tell us in more detail about this proposal in the context of yourself. That is, are you developing similar solutions or is this just an idea for discussion?

@Stanislav - I’m a developer building data analytics solutions for investors and institutions. My primary objective is to enable investors to visualize their investment growth. Here is the API suite that I have created for this purpose. Customers can query their stake performance through this API, which currently supports 14 networks/chains. Some customers have invested & staked NOM and asked me to support Onomy.

I expect more developers to be interested in building solutions on Onomy, because of the unique spot it occupies between Defi and Fx. But right now there is no way for developers to programmatically access, and analyze the historical information.

Thanks for the answer! We previously discussed on Discord the creation of a server for storing archived data so that users could view their transaction history.

As far as I see, you specialize in archiving data for staking. In any case, this is a useful suggestion and it will be interesting to hear the opinions of other more experienced participants on this proposal.

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Thank you for offering to run Archival Nodes. I personally welcome anyone that is providing this type of service as the more people running nodes the stronger the network. I am also converting one public facing node into an archival and monitor how fast storage needs grow.

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@charleston - Has your node synced up all the archival data? What are the current hardware requirements? Can you share the node details (IP and grpc port )?